Shruti Sharma IAS Biography, Journey, Preparation, And Tips

In this blog, you will know about Shruti Sharma IAS. Her UPSC journey and her preparation technique will also be disclosed.

Shruti Sharma Biography 

Shruti Sharma IAS who was born on 26 April 1985 lives in the Uttar Pradesh district of Bijnor. She aspires to make a lot of improvements in the community and among her neighbors. She embraces diversity and is curious to discover new things, including languages and cultures. She enjoys learning about various cultures, reading, and watching movies, to name a few of her interests.

Everyone is proud of this cop, including her family and close friends. Here, it just took 10 months to reach this astounding rank. Her achievement of UPSC rank 16 is evidence of her commitment and effort. In her first effort, she succeeded in obtaining this post. She serves as an example for all UPSC exam candidates.

UPSC Journey Of Shruti Sharma

A Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar native, this remarkable woman. She spent 10 months preparing for this position before achieving it. Dr. K N Sharma’s daughter is Shruti. Her father is a former professor at PAU. Her actions and endeavors pale in comparison to his father’s upbringing and morals. Santosh Sharma is her mother’s name. She works as a teacher.

The greatest success in Shruti’s life has been her parents’ support, direction, blessings, and countless lessons. A “genuine” administrative officer is what this brave soldier aspires to become. She wants to work as an officer free from political interference.

She resolved to do good deeds for the populace. She was certain to ace the test. This is what she told the interviewer. Her degree of preparation and diligence gave her the assurance she needed to land the job of her dreams.

Preparation Strategies Of Shruti Sharma

As a UPSC candidate, Shruti has been through a very different journey. She disregarded advice from others and did not do what they advised. Instead, she used her own strategies that were appropriate for her cognitive level.

She started studying NCERTs four years ago when she started her UPSC preparation. Since current affairs are arguably the most significant component of the IAS exam, Shruti supplemented her study by reading the newspaper on a regular basis to give enough attention to what is occurring both domestically and abroad. Before the actual tests, she completed a few online test series to help her prepare. The notes she took while studying were really helpful to her as she reviewed the extensive syllabus.

Shruti Sharma

Shruti Sharma used the internet a lot and focused on practicing her response writing for the Mains exam. Knowing how to select an optional subject for the UPSC mains is crucial because the two optional papers, which together account for 500 marks, make up a sizable portion of the overall score. She chose History as an elective for the Mains. Her secret to success was to be patient during the preparation. She placed more emphasis on high-quality learning than on the quantity of study time.

She created a study timetable but kept her research materials to a minimum and claimed that during exam time, she avoided reading any new books or studying. To acquire a sense of the type of questions answered in the UPSC prelims test, it is advisable to look through a book of past years’ UPSC prelims question papers.

Success Story Of Shruti Sharma

Because of persistent efforts and long-term management, success becomes simple for passionate and energetic minds. Shruti has diligently worked toward her goal. She quit her job and worked on her goal nonstop for a year.

She inspires everyone not just with her preparation techniques and dedication but also with her clear judgment and insight. She chose two elective classes that work well together to increase her grades.

Shruti claims that making notes is helpful for those who prefer to review a certain piece of facts at the conclusion, but she did not prepare notes because she thoroughly researched each topic and concept while also making the necessary adjustments.

Tips For Future Aspirants By Shruti Sharma

According to Shruti, an essay paper needs a creative point of view and sensible strategies. The candidates must develop reading habits as they pick up various viewpoints and concepts from various literature.

Also, to increase the likelihood of receiving high marks, the knowledge learned during the preparation period from the newspapers or GS material must be applied in the writing paper. The wording must be excellent and precise. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to use big, flowery language, but it should be memorable and meaningful.

To feel at ease in the setting, you must participate in mock interviews. It’s challenging to pass the preliminary exam because you have to know all the material. Enjoy the phase, stay alert, read as much as you can, and be consistent.

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