Mohit Manocha (Traveling Desi) Biography, Career, And Net Worth

In this blog, you will get to know about Mohit Manocha. His career details and personal life will also be disclosed. Along with his Traveling Desi youtube channel, he also has another channel named Mohit Ko Suna? with 422K subscribers. Mohit Manocha posts educational shorts on this channel.

Mohit Manocha Biography

One of the most well-known travel vloggers from India, Mohit Manocha, also known as Traveling Desi, was raised and born in Faridabad, Haryana on 16 August 1986. TD began his YouTube journey on January 17, 2018, and as a result of his tireless efforts, he already has 2.66 million subscribers and more than 789 films uploaded to the channel.

Traveling Desi has visited over 25 nations, many of them in Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom, South America, the Middle East, and Canada. His travel film is highly beneficial for those who aspire to travel to many nations because it details how to plan the trip, what to expect financially while traveling, and where to go while there.

Name Mohit Manocha
Nickname Td
Famous For Traveling Desi His Youtube Channel
Profession IT Entrepreneur, Travel Blogger
Date Of Birth 16 August 1986
Age 36 Years
Birthplace Faridabad, India
Hometown Faridabad, India
School Government School, Faridabad
Nationality Indian
Religion Hinduism
Zodiac Sign Leo
Food Habit Non- Vegetarian
Marital Status Married
Wife Sandra Beauchamp
Hobbies Traveling, Eating
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 65 Kg
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black

Career Details Of Mohit Manocha

After 12th, Mohit Manocha, alias Traveling Desi, was given the opportunity to work for a private company, where he spent the next two years of his life. He begins a modest business after quitting his work, but the venture is not without its losses. Then he made the decision to close his company.

He decided to start traveling after saving part of the money he earned from running his business. Finally, using the money he has gathered, he embarks on his journey and begins filming it. He decides to upload it on YouTube, the biggest video-sharing website in the world since he wants to share it with everyone. On January 17, 2018, Mohit Manocha, alias Traveling Desi, finally launches his own YouTube account and begins uploading videos of his daily life as well as information about visas, travel costs, and travel vlogs. 

His YouTube channel currently has 2.66 Million subscribers. He didn’t acquire a lot of views or subscribers when he first launched his YouTube channel. He then starts to promote his YouTube videos, increasing the number of views and subscribers to his channel.

Mohit Manocha’s Personal Life

The name of Mohit Manocha’s first wife is unknown, and he never mentioned her in his films. Mohit had a very difficult life; his marriage did not work, and he spent over three years living alone. However, in 2021, after a protracted legal battle, he was able to divorce his wife. When his father, Mr. Anil Kumar Manocha, passed away from cancer, TD remembers how his friends and family, especially his mother and brother, supported him. He attributes his current style of life to them.

Mohit Manocha

Sandra Beauchamp, a French Canadian woman who was born and raised in Montreal but now resides in Quebec City, is dating Mohit. In March 2021, TD made their relationship public. They both purchased 10 acres of land in Canada and intend to construct their home and place of business there.

Mohit and his family traveled to Canada in March 2021 to meet Sandra and her family and make plans for the future. Mohit and Sandra are already wed, cohabitating, and preparing to start building their own home soon. She has started working like her husband. Sandra also has a youtube channel named The Manochas with 174K subscribers. On this youtube channel, she posts traveling videos in the English language

Mohit Manocha Motorhome Road Trip

On  31 August 2020, He spent three months crossing Canada with his mother and nephew, covering more than 5,000 kilometers from east to west. He captured both the splendor of Canada and the hardship of traveling. Following a successful journey through Canada, on 14 April 2021 he continued to test the limits of physical endurance by traveling through the States 2021. In the States, Mohit Manocha and his mother and wife hired a brand-new RV. They left Chicago and traveled through the most beautiful parts of Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and then California.

He recently traveled through British Columbia, Canada, in the RV during the winter. His Instagram features footage of places like Lillooet, Whistler, White Lake, and many more where you can get a general idea of his winter road trip. He has also shared videos of places like Vancouver, British Columbia, and Lillooet.

Currently, Mohit Manocha is in the USA for another Motorhome trip. So, we can say that the Motorhome 3.0 series is on the way.

Mohit Manocha Net Worth

People are keen to know the net worth of Youtubers. Different YouTubers have different net worths depending on their subscribers, followers, and views on their videos. The net worth of Mohit Manocha is approx $5 Million. Through his youtube channels, he makes money so his main source of income is his vlogs and shorts. Along with that, he has given his house on rent. Mohit Manocha has 2 properties in Canada 1 is a cottage and another one is his house. He has given his cottage to Airbnb which is a company that gives houses for short-term stays. The renting is also a source of income for him.

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