Ghazal Alagh: Biography, Early Life, Net Worth, And More

Ghazal Alagh, who made news for her stint on Shark Tank India, appears to be incredibly driven. She is the CEO and co-founder of the baby care company MamaEarth. The business maintains its position as a body care brand that operates constantly. Her business has raised the bar for body and infant care by making sure to offer the best goods while still doing its part to protect the environment. She is known on the show for consistently advocating for women’s emancipation. Check read Ghazal Alagh’s tale in the article below if you think she’s impressive.

Ghazal Alagh Biography

Due to Shark Tank, the people who own well-known brands are now well-known. We all had a great deal of knowledge about the well-known, consoling, and Made Safe-approved company MamaEarth, but the founders’ biographies were hidden. The major driver of this brand’s existence and success is Ghazal Alagh. Mamaearth’s success can be attributed to its goal to produce the best product humanly possible. She is a strong, independent woman who is a mother, a businesswoman, a public figure, and an environmentalist. With his unwavering desire for using his business to improve the lives of individuals and society, she has finally entered the world of success.

Ghazal Alagh Biography: Life in a Nutshell

Name Ghazal Alagh
DOB September 2, 1988
Age 33
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Birthplace Gurgaon, Haryana
Nationality Indian
Height Approx. 167 cm (5’6″)
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Education Qualification Bachelor’s in Computer Applications (BCA) from Punjab University.
Profession Entrepreneur, Businesswoman, and co-founder of MamaEarth
Religion Hinduism
Mother’s Name Sunita Sahni
Father’s Name Kailash Sahni
Martial Status Married
Marriage Date 28 January 2011
Husband Name Varun Alagh
Children Two (Agastya (born 2014) and Ayaan (born 2022))
Net Worth Approx USD $ 10-20 million

Ghazal Alagh Early Life and Education

Although nothing is known about Ghazal’s life, her debut on the Indian version of Shark Tank has won her a lot of admirers. She frequently speaks out in support of her company, MamaEarth, but she doesn’t pay much care to her private life. Although she has largely talked about her professional experiences and not her personal ones, there is no information on her parents’ home or her parents. He was born in 1984, most likely in Gurgaon, as is known.

She reportedly finished her education in Haryana. She has a bachelor’s degree in the application of computers. She attended Punjab University in Chandigarh for her post-secondary education. Also, She is known to have taken courses from the New York Academy of Arts.

Ghazal Alagh

Ghazal Alagh’s Professional Journey And Net Worth

In 2008, Ghazala Alagh spent two years working at NIIT as a corporate trainer. Her initial venture,, was an attempt to get market traction. But, despite her best efforts, she was still unsuccessful. Since her initial business failed, she later became an artist for Being Arty. Ghazal was initially connected to the business services company Honsa Consumer Private Limited. Subsequently, she and her husband Varun Alagh began their own business. He holds a full directorship in the business that later served as the parent organization of his lucrative endeavor MamaEarth.

In addition to being a co-founder of a body care company, she was recently asked to serve as a judge on Shark Tank India, a program that empowers startups. The American program with the same name served as the show’s inspiration. Prospective business owners present their startup concepts to a group of investors. One of those investors is Ghazal. She is well-liked on the program for her strategy and business acumen, which demonstrate her complete command of the subject. Ghazal’s net worth has been reported as 17 million dollars.

Ghazal Alagh’s Journey With MamaEarth

The business that first pioneered the best baby care services was Mamaearth. Ghazal was expecting her first child with her husband. They started out as a youthful pair who loved to enjoy life’s carefree moments before evolving into a security-obsessed couple. Her life decisions were altered by the feeling of fatherhood. When they were taking risks to find the best experiences in life, they abruptly made safer priorities. Particularly for Ghazala Alagh, becoming a mother dawned on her and she saw the value of using safe items for her child.

Her pregnancies altered her perception of the treatments and care alternatives available to her. Being responsible parents, they searched the internet for choices after the birth of their child in 2017 that wouldn’t endanger the health of their new baby. It was all likely to happen, much to his surprise. As a result, Mamaearth became known as a baby care brand.

Ghazal Alagh

She then made her services available to adults as well. In 2018, she co-founded a line of body care products with Shilpa Shetty, a well-known Indian actress, dancer, yoga enthusiast, producer, author, and businesswoman. She pushed for older consumers to use toxic-free products. The haircare line that Mamaearth later introduced was a highly well-liked product line.

Mamaearth’s Key Goal

Not only is Mamaearth well-marketed, but it is also a trustworthy company. The items are safe for both mothers and their young children. It is the first company in Asia to receive a MADE SAFE certification. The goods are customized for the Indian market while adhering to all international requirements. They think that building a transparent brand that consumers can readily trust and review honestly is their key goal. Goods are made of plants and nature. They have specifically developed a brand that supports the planet on which we all live. More plastic is recycled than is actually used.

The brand’s market share increased day by day thanks to Ghazal Alagh and her husband Vikas’ unwavering effort and unflinching honesty. Just for the year 2017, Forbes India reported that Mama Earth’s revenue was Rs. 22.19 lakhs. When Mamaearth was able to pay a considerable sum of Rs. 112 crores in FY2020, it represented a significant advancement. The corporation increases to a financial mark of about Rs. 300 crores in 2021. Due to their confidence in the reliability and high quality of their products, the founders, Gazal and Varun, hope to double the amount by 2023.

Ghazal Alagh Family Life

Varun Alagh, Ghazal’s business partner, and Ghazal Alagh are joyfully wed. They make a great couple and frequently promote their business together. she has a kid named Agastya, whom she adores and who motivates him. She frequently appears with her family on special occasions. she has been quite private about her personal life, as seen by the lack of additional information about her family or personal preferences. By documenting her work escapades on Instagram, she keeps her followers interested.

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